*Skips explaining about why it took a while to post a photo set for the nth time*

Hello again, London.

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I’m used to just taking photographs of the view, the famous landmarks, food on my table, or just anything interesting (and of course having someone take a photo of me against the beautiful settings) on my layovers. But I guess this time I’ve encountered a lot of interesting individuals that I couldn’t help but snap some photos. While I was drafting my photo diary, I’ve realized that I can make something else out of these photographs. These people inspired me to create a new project. The First Impressions Series.  I wanted to make a series for the portraits I took and the ones I am yet to take. It was tough for me to come up with a title that fits best. Humans of New York/ Humans of the World were already taken. People of the World/ Earth sounds too similar. If I’m going to take photos of random strangers wherever I go and write about it, it’s like I’m just sharing my first impression of that person based on how I photographed him. Maybe like Humans of New York but minus the stories. If you know me really well, you’d know I can’t just approach someone and ask him what’s his story. But what if I want to capture someone I’ve already known/met for a long time (i.e. family and friends)? Maybe you get to do the first impressions.

The idea of capturing people in their true form, in their natural habitat. The authenticity. See for yourself..

WARNING: Photo-heavy post. (I hope I did not over-sell this post. I’m just so excited, I know I need more practice.)

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I have decided to feature my most recent layover in London for my first travel post. The memories are still fresh I thought I could easily  write about it.

WARNING: This is a photo heavy post.

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music: Pity Party by Melanie Martinez (i do not own this song)

I thought I’m just gonna leave my latest travel video diary here so my blog would feel less empty until I’m finally able to publish my first destination blog post.

From Sofitel London at Heathrow Terminal 5 to Nottinghill Gate, Portobello Road, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Big Ben, telephone booth, Queen’s horse guards, PRIDE London, Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 at Kingscross Station, through countless train transfers through Picadilly and Circle lines. Thank God London’s underground train system is super convenient. It made it so easy for us to explore the city, I actually kinda miss it.

travel sign.png