*Skips explaining about why it took a while to post a photo set for the nth time*

Hello again, London.


First stop: Camden Town

I was thinking of going back to Portobello Road because I couldn’t stop thinking about the sunnies I saw there last time – totally one of my buy it now or regret it later moments. But I saw Camie’s vlog from Camden Town, and I decided to go there instead. I love going to markets in London not only because there are a lot of awesome and legit vintage finds but also because of the scene. I love people watching and London is just the best place for it.DSCF0333FDSCF0337rsDSCF0338rsDSCF0345rsDSCF0348rsDSCF0349rsFelt like I’m in a cartoon where store display signs are as exaggerated as those.


DSCF0368RSDSCF0370rsDSCF0373rsFilm cams, of course. (Couldn’t take much photos ’cause it’s not allowed on most of the stalls.)

DSCF0390RSDSCF0384RSDSCF0388RSDSCF0389RSDSCF0392RSHad some korean burritos from the food stalls by the river/canal for lunch. (it was the best, by the way)

On my way back to the train station, I saw these very inspiring works of art. Took some photos had a little chat with the artist behind it.

It’s so good, I wanted to share some of it to you.DSCF0401RSDSCF0403RSDSCF0411RSDSCF0404rsDSCF0405RSDSCF0415RSI hope it warmed your heart as much as it did mine.<3

DSCF0424RSNext stop: Hyde Park

I wanted to enjoy the nice weather and sunbathe a bit.

DSCF0457rsDSCF0455rsDSCF0451RSDSCF0458rsDSCF0442RSDSCF0431RSDSCF0430rsfIMG_4034 (1)
By the way, I found the exact sunglasses at Camden Town! Yay!.. Funny story behind my gingham skirt – this wasn’t my original outfit. I was planning on wearing pants but when I got into my hotel room, I found out that after a long deliberation of which pants to wear, I forgot to pack it! I didn’t know what to do, I was considering wearing my uniform trousers because I can’t not go out on a London layover. Haha. I didn’t know if I could ask the hotel to get me a pair so I decided to go out without pants (good thing I brought my above-the-knee jacket) and instead of heading straight to Camden Town, I had to rearrange my itinerary and go to Primark in Hammersmith first (instead of Oxford)! It was the longest train ride of my life and I felt so conscious and paranoid that someone might notice. HAHA. I ended up buying a gingham skirt and a pack of black tights.

I was eating my soft serve when I noticed an old man sweeping the sidewalk by the Hyde Park train station. He was working so hard and he seemed exhausted so I offered to buy him a snack. He thanked me and he told me he gets free food from that food truck since he keeps the area clean and then asked me if he could get me something instead. He was so nice and he called me young lady.😀

Afterwards, I took a side trip to Hounslow Central Station, to check out the nearest Primark to our hotel before I went back.


DSCF0494rsWait, I think this is my train..

Thanks for today!
’til next time, London.”

DSCF0482RSpersonal sign

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