My first love. Hello Palawan, I’m back.

Clueless of what Palawan has in store for me, I was dumbfounded by its amazing wonders the first time I visited. First plane ride, first snorkel, a whole lot of firsts. I think this was where I discovered my love for wandering. Exploring new places has always been overwhelming and I’ve always wished that I could experience it with the people I deem special. This time, I brought my complete family with me (+2) and it’s a dream come true.

our original captain

My lovely family

I’m afraid these photos didn’t do any justice to Palawan. I have more photos than I could share here and a lot of stories and new knowledge about Palawan but – cue excuses – it’s really hard to squeeze in all 3 days(especially when you’re travelling with family) in this post without being boring. I wish I took more photos inside the underground river so I can show you how abundant it is with art forms and surprises left and right but I gotta enjoy the moment while it lasted. I have to say Palawan has improved a lot. It’s more tourist-friendly, everything is more convenient than before. Although I liked the real tour guide inside the cave more than the electronic guide (the same one from the Windsor Castle tour), ’cause unlike the latter, the human guide feels more personal and they can crack jokes which makes the tour more enjoyable. You. Have. To. Experience it. Yourself. I think Puerto Princesa is like the intro to Palawan. Like, hello? Aside from being the main city of Palawan, the Underground River is there. I feel like you have to go there first before going to El Nido or Coron. Hehe.

I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the trip. My dad, my mom, my sibs, the boyfriends. Usually they’re stuck back home relying on my stories, my blog posts, watching my travel videos together so having them experience the things I love is my dream. Every cent is so worth it. Guys, this is why I work hard. ❤

Watch us struggle in snorkeling here:

Family Trip 2017 – Palawan, Philippines from Cha Valenzuela on Vimeo.

travel sign

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Hi po! Just want to say you’re my favorite blogger 😍 Watched all ur travel vids. Keep it up po! Really inspires me as a tourism student hihi 😊 Godbless. 💓

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