I was looking for new but not so mainstream and crowded places to explore for when I come home to the Philippines for a few days off. My dear friend Leslie shared one of her secret hideouts and recommended this wonderful bed & breakfast and events venue. (Unfortunately one of the caretakers told us it’s wedding day so we were not able to check the events place and the gardens before we left. 😦 It looked so lovely in the photos on their website though.) Leslie, being the sweet and thoughtful friend that she is, helped us book (through Airbnb) the best room, the Balcony Room.  They have a total of 4 rooms. I couldn’t wait to bring more friends after we peeked into the Kubo 1 suite. It has 2 bed rooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and sala. It’s a perfect barkada getaway.

It was my first Airbnb experience and I love how everything went so smoothly. I would also like to thank Ms. Cristy, Narra Hill’s manager for being so warm and accommodating to us, sending us reminders a couple of days before. She even shared some of her hiking experiences in Bataan with us before we left. She’s a very good host. We felt so at home.

If you’re looking for a quiet time alone, away from the fast-paced world, Narra Hill is the place to be.

Those are Kubo 1 and Kubo 2 suites

We arrived at dusk.. 

.. but the flowers refused to wither.

When we arrived, they asked us what time we’d like to have our dinner. The dinner was pre-ordered. Ms. Crristy emailed me sets of meals to choose from. It’s optional but Leslie told me once you’ve settled in you won’t want to leave just to dine somewhere else.

They served everything, from the main course to the dessert and tea, at the balcony, and gave us the choices for tomorrow’s breakfast. By the way, everything they serve is home-cooked and organic. Straight from their gardens. *Plus points*

Cloudy but still lovely sunrise – I have been anticipating this since the night before. I was worried I won’t wake up on time. When I opened my eyes early in the morning it was still a bit dark and I immediately got up and opened the curtains and the glass sliding doors to wait for this moment. 

You can still see Taal Lake while lying on the bed. Uhh, can we please live here?

*nature appreciation stance*

We chose tocino and longganisa. Mozart liked the baked eggs so much.

The only thing better than breaksfasts are breakfasts with views. Like this one.

Seems like we were not the only ones having the first meal of the day..

They change the flower mandalas every morning. Won’t they run out of flowers?

We’re so lucky because we booked on a weekday and the place is all ours.

Mandatory mini infinity pool photos ahead.. — “Some infinities are smaller than other infinities.” Haha can you guess what book I made reference to? I just had to. Hehe

channeling my inner Harley Quinn

Mozart was not a big fan of travel. He’s more of a homebody. Well, I’m also kinda like that sometimes. The normal movie-food-sleep routine. But there’s also a part of me that likes exploring new places, taking photos, documenting everything on video and putting it all together. Whenever I’m in a new city or whenever I’m on a layover, I’d always tell him everything would be so much better if he’s with me. Just experiencing life the way it should be experienced. I’d always wonder what’s his say about that place or  if he’ll like the food or the people. I always thought he would. But he would usually reply like, that’s not my thing, i’m good staying at home or staying at home just like the old times is so much better.

I always tell him it’s my dream to travel around with him. City, beach, nature, geeky stuff, extreme adventure. Far, not so far. Anywhere. Not just to be the “#relationshipgoals-couple with their pretentious videos, obviously fake laughing at each other and being so vain showing off and focusing the camera on their or their partner’s chests or bums. I like taking photos and videos too. A lot. And I’m guilty for being vain too. But I want the ones that are authentic. The ones showcasing you in your truest, purest self in different situations. It shouldn’t be the top priority of the trip. It’s so you have something to look back in the future, something to cringe and laugh at, not just so you can brag online and get a thousand likes.  It should be the experience. To share different feels together. That’s what I want. Every trip changes you even if you don’t notice it. You will learn stuff you can’t learn at home. You realize more about life, yourself and the people you are with. And I think that’s what happened in this trip. I think our mini trip-slash-staycation made him realize what I have been wanting to make him see.  I want to experience different stuff with him. ‘Cause we know we’re good together. We can laugh about the littlest things. Whenever plans aren’t going as planned, or we seem lost, we’d just shrug and laugh at ourselves. Sometimes we would have small fights but by the time we reach the destination, we’d just laugh it out. We are both not high-maintenance. I feel like we could pass as backpackers if only we aren’t so lazy. Well, that could change, but for now, baby steps it is. I’m so glad that I feel we kinda share the same enthusiasm now. He seems very excited about our next adventures. Me too! He asked me what I want for my birthday and I can’t really think of anything. I told him to just save the money for our future trips. I used to obsess over material stuff and he’d know for sure what to get for my birthday. Maybe that’s the thing when you’ve been together for so long. You stop getting sentimental on material stuff your partner can get you that you start being sentimental for shared memories and possible new experiences together. Not sure if I’m just PMS-ing or what but I think this is getting too senti and I gotta stop all the wishing and ranting. 🙂

To more (mis)adventures with you..


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