So yeah, we’ve decided to apply for China visa and just go through with it. The bid results for our September roster was scheduled  to come out by the time we arrive in China. So we brought our pasalubongs and clothes for our days off in the Philippines and booked a flight so we can go straight home after our China flight. Unfortunately, since we are the most junior in our new category, we didn’t get our priority line. We didn’t get the first week off. Broken-hearted, I was crying at 3am in China. But there’s no point in crying over spilt milk so we’ve decided to just make omelette out of the cracked eggs. (Ano daw? Clearly I haven’t eaten my breakfast yet.)

Here are some photos and video clips from our very short Guangzhou trip.


At the Guangzhou Tower

We were supposed to get some tickets to go to the top of the tower but we didn’t have enough time.

We decided to give the wax museum a try. These are actual wax figures.

Of course I had to.

There are so many celebrity wax figures. These are a few of them.

He can solve love problems too.


Lol, he was asking for it.

My favorite part. hehe I got to be a Disney princess. I know my Disney princesses. This time I’m Cinderella. lol

You know you’re eating authentic Chinese food when you and the server can’t come through to each other.

And then we went to Beijing lane for some retail therapy..

It’s so good, it’s like a mango smoothie with mango slices and flavored ice on top with a layer of yogurt in the middle. It costs 30 yuan.

We just had to. Sorry.


I wish we had more than 26 hours. Well, our visa expires on February next year so we still have a chance to fly back. When we come back, we’ll make sure to bring at least a few basic Chinese phrases with us so we won’t have much trouble communicating with them. It’s hard to find someone who is fluent in English. Also, if you’re planning to go to China, be careful of scammers. Our friends got scammed by a taxi driver. He kept on telling them their money is fake. Little did they know, he was already switching their bills with counterfeit bills. I remember when we got scammed in Colombo. Haha. Lesson: Don’t be complacent and don’t let your guard down especially when you’re in a foreign land. Learn from it and let it go. Never let a few misadventures ruin your trip.

Here’s the video diary of our trip:

Guangzhou, China – August 2016 from Cha Valenzuela on Vimeo.

travel sign

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