Colombo is the largest city and the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. If I just listened to our tour guide from the double-decker bus instead of just taking photos, I would probably have more info to share. Maybe I’ll just let a few photos speak for me.

There’s something about grainy black and white photos.. 

Reminds me of candycanes..

This girl from Karachi named Kadija

They let us go down from the bus and ride a boat to get closer to the birds.

New found obsession with birds, especially crows. Reminds me of  THIS ARTWORK that I’m also obsessed with. I love THIS ONE too. She has a lot of artworks that I could relate to. Especially THIS ONE. She’s a genius. I would love THIS on my skin. I could go on and on but Chiara’s artworks deserves a separate blog post.

I wanna try mehndi but I can’t, because work.

And on to the bus again.. We decided to go with the bus tour because we had no idea where to go in Colombo after several attempts of researching. Though we weren’t always allowed to get off the bus to take photos, we kinda enjoyed it since we didn’t have a hard time touring around the city. The 3-hour tour costs $30. It also  includes a snack and a boat ride.

I couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell us..

souvenirs from the government-owned shop

Aside from tea, Sri Lanka is also known for its precious stones. I almost bought a necklace.

Sidewalk food trip.

The hotel’s buffet was full so we had no choice but to eat at the seafood resto beside the pool even if I’m allergic to shellfish. It was like dampa in Manila where you could pick whichever you like and they’ll cook it the way you want. On our way to the resto, we saw other crew members and our Flight Supervisor and Purser. They enjoyed their lobster, prawns and crabs. My flight supervisor asked me to try the lobster but I said, “If I eat that, I won’t be able to fly tomorrow, you’ll have minimum crew.” so he said “Okay, just stay with your tuna.”. I’m allergic to seafood. But don’t feel bad for me, I don’t like it anyway. I tried to like it, but it makes my throat and ears and eyes swell. So ironic since where I came from, you can have fresher seafood in a much lower price. I can’t tolerate the fishy taste so I picked tuna and told them to cook it well with white cream and pasta. It was tolerable. Actually it was nice. 

The next day, we went out at 5am to wait for the sunrise.

But we failed to see the sunrise as it was on the other side.

It was Monday and we witnessed their flag ceremony.

Mandatory photo with the Tuktuk. Their own version of taxi. There’s a story behind this photo. I am still so pissed about it that I still don’t wanna talk about it until now.

This lady meditating by the board walk.

There’s a lot of chinese people in Sri Lanka.

travel sign

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