Bees and flowers, waffles and pancakes, milkshakes and neon lights..

Father’s Day weekend at the City of Pines..

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*Skips explaining about why it took a while to post a photo set for the nth time*

Hello again, London.

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Torn between savoring and immortalizing the moments, as always..

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Sunflowers, floppy hats and sunnies.. The recipe to a perfect Sunday afternoon..

Warning: #Flowerporn ahead.

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My first love. Hello Palawan, I’m back.

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First post of the year! New Year’s resolution: Less talk, more content.

It has been a while since I last posted a blog entry, although my drafts folder is brimming with drafts that I’ve never published. I just don’t wanna do anything half-hearted and feel like it’s a chore rather than passion. Backlog is real but I have to remind myself that it’s fine. Sometimes we get caught up and forget that life > social media.

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I was looking for new but not so mainstream and crowded places to explore for when I come home to the Philippines for a few days off. My dear friend Leslie shared one of her secret hideouts and recommended this wonderful bed & breakfast and events venue. (Unfortunately one of the caretakers told us it’s wedding day so we were not able to check the events place and the gardens before we left. 😦 It looked so lovely in the photos on their website though.) Leslie, being the sweet and thoughtful friend that she is, helped us book (through Airbnb) the best room, the Balcony Room.  They have a total of 4 rooms. I couldn’t wait to bring more friends after we peeked into the Kubo 1 suite. It has 2 bed rooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and sala. It’s a perfect barkada getaway.

It was my first Airbnb experience and I love how everything went so smoothly. I would also like to thank Ms. Cristy, Narra Hill’s manager for being so warm and accommodating to us, sending us reminders a couple of days before. She even shared some of her hiking experiences in Bataan with us before we left. She’s a very good host. We felt so at home.

If you’re looking for a quiet time alone, away from the fast-paced world, Narra Hill is the place to be.

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I can’t remember the first time I came across Cappadocia on the internet. I usually see it on bucket lists and top lists of places you need to travel to on different articles. I remember seeing Isabelle Daza’s photos and travel videos when she went and got engaged there. Can you imagine? Mostly known for the fairy chimneys, rock landscapes, cave hotels and most especially hot air balloon activities during sunrise, it’s easily one of enchanting places on earth. I didn’t even bother to include it on my bucket list because I thought it’s impossible for me. It’s just too good to be true. But when my room mate and I saw an opportunity, we grabbed the chance and ditched our Istanbul layover.

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So yeah, we’ve decided to apply for China visa and just go through with it. The bid results for our September roster was scheduled  to come out by the time we arrive in China. So we brought our pasalubongs and clothes for our days off in the Philippines and booked a flight so we can go straight home after our China flight. Unfortunately, since we are the most junior in our new category, we didn’t get our priority line. We didn’t get the first week off. Broken-hearted, I was crying at 3am in China. But there’s no point in crying over spilt milk so we’ve decided to just make omelette out of the cracked eggs. (Ano daw? Clearly I haven’t eaten my breakfast yet.)

Here are some photos and video clips from our very short Guangzhou trip.

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Colombo is the largest city and the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. If I just listened to our tour guide from the double-decker bus instead of just taking photos, I would probably have more info to share. Maybe I’ll just let a few photos speak for me.

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